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Bluwave Pool Services Co is a residential & commercial pool service company proudly serving the great city of Nokomis and surrounding areas! Get a FREE pool service quote today!

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Bluwave Pool Services Co.

Veteran Owned, Certified & Fully Insured Company!

Professionalism, honesty, trusted, ethical. The Core strengths of our business, and what we’ll bring to the table for every client

We ensure all technicians who join our company are vetted and hold our shared values: “intelligence, kindness & professionalism. Our company guarantees to always provide top-notch customer satisfaction & service.

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Clean pools make great memories.

We are in business to protect your investment in your swimming pool and to provide a healthy swimming environment for your family. Our Nokomis area pool technician will make sure your pool is kept up with healthy water balance and items needing repaired or maintained are properly taken care of when you approve or request a service.

  • Pool Cleaning
  • Pool Net & Brush
  • Backwash Filter
  • Empty Basket
  • Balance Pool Chemicals
  • Maintenance Program
Why Choose Us

We’ll take care of your pool
so you can have fun!

Owning a pool should not be a burden. It should not be something you dread to look at. It should never be a time sink to regret. We know this first hand.

Which is why we highly recommend letting us take over on the cleaning and maintenance. Letting you and your family have fun in the sun!

We are committed to give our best services

We keep your pool water healthy and treat any algae that might arise per our “No Algae” guarantee

Our Clients

Here are Some Very Satisfied Customers!

Fully-trained, professional technicians at Bluwave Pool Services Co are ready to provide you with best-in-class service so you can get the most out of your pool.

Our Mission Statement

Clean Pools Make Great Memories

Bluwave Pool Service Co. intends to exhibit an adherence to the highest principles and standards in
our business ethics. We provide a high-value service at a reasonable price and live up to our
business commitments, by going beyond our customers’ expectations.

Professionalism, Honesty, Trust, Ethics.

“Knowledgeable, personable, and prices are fair.”

“Had a great experience with this company! Would highly recommend Blu Pool Service Co. for any of your pool equipment needs! I love my new heater and automation system!”


What our clients say about us

We’re proud of the extensive list of satisfied customers we’ve served in Nokomis. Read just a couple of many positive experiences!

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All pool service cleaning plans are guaranteed meaning we will cover any algae blooms that arise at
no additional cost.

We stand behind all our work and look forward to serving you and your family.